Moonshine & Hound Dogs EP

by Black Radio

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released October 15, 2016

Eric Kuczynski - Vocals/ Guitars
Luke Buhrman - Drums
Kyle Calandrelle - Bass Guitar
Jim Taylor - Electric Piano/Clavinet/ Organ / Electric Mandolin

Produced by Eric Kuczynski
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Kuczynski and Tara Lansing at MF Studios in Hagerstown, Maryland



all rights reserved


Black Radio Maryland

“Our trip was different. It was a classic affirmation of everything right and true and decent in the national character. It was a gross, physical salute to the fantastic possibilities of life in this country - but only for those with true grit. And we were chock full of that.”
— Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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Track Name: Moonshine Queen
Moonshine Queen by Black Radio

Say what you think
Not what you hear
My thoughts are reeling
And my eyes needs fear

What you tryin’, tryin’ to prove
Just another rock that you got to move
A joker is a see'er never to be abused
And a mind never free'er, I got to move

Why did you come here?
What did you hear?
You don't have a stake in this
Just so we're clear
You keep on tellin' yourself
It's not what it seems
Roll on
Roll on my gypsy queen

Where you goin?
You've always been
Never to be baby
Sayin to be seen
Love in life, same as sin
Never freer, Losin' to win
Reticent baby? I've seen where you been
Turning me out every change, every spin

Midnight dreamer
Moonshine Queen
Climbing to the top
Of your self-made transient scene
Consolation was never
Part of the dream
Dying comes easy
When your body's on a lien
Track Name: Smile
Smile by Black Radio

A smile is a curtain
A light makes you stay
I might live alone baby
But I like it that way

You call yourself lucky
Only true men will know
The cover of madness
The reap and the sow

The troubled old spires
Let the poor man down
You beg and you borrow
Just to feed your hound

The black, the white, the red
The truth, you’ll never know
Your ticket’s expired
So only your teeth will show

The sky was on fire
On the day that we met
I’d been on my own so long
Your tired face I’d forget
A sample of your own medicine
Doesn’t taste so good, now you know
Your mother she warned you
About the glit and the glow
Track Name: Requiem
Requiem by Black Radio

Midnight Breaking
As your pistol scrapes
On the words you’ve spoken
That your mind can’t shake

So you kill the lights
And smoke your cigarette
You’re in Luci’s bedroom
On the best night yet

The taste of steel and bourbon
Ease her mind
She’s working for you baby
All the time

Forty three pitiful
Two bit, handsome creep
Standing alone awake
But asleep on his feet

Come towards the storm
As he draws his pull
We make kings of cowboys
Jokers and fools
Just sit back darling
While we schedule your dual

You stand in line
As my thoughts they drift
The world keeps moving
With your lies in rift
Red lights flashing
As she slams your door
You clench your fists
As you beg for more
Put your bullets on the table
Push your gun across the floor
There is one voice you’ll hear
Sing down the corridor